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Online Math Games Make Learning Fun and Accessible

St Louis Park, MN

While teaching middle school in St. Louis Park, MN, Michael Edlavitch discovered a need for effective, less expensive math resources that also engage students. School districts paid up to $7 per student for online math programs that didn’t produce good results, so Michael founded Hooda Math, a website offering free online math games that are both effective and enjoyable for students.

Michael has used Google’s AdSense for more than 15 years to publish ads on his website and generate revenue. Ad publishing is a crucial part of his business because it allows him to keep Hooda Math games free for users. He also leverages Google Ads to inexpensively drive traffic to his website. By prioritizing search engine optimization, his website consistently appears at the top of search results, which helps increase website traffic and reach more students.

With over two million players per month, Hooda Math is thriving. But Michael is concerned that proposed state privacy laws would make it harder for him to use digital advertising and make money. If Michael and other small business owners can’t collect and use valuable data, it will be more difficult to attract users and make money, ultimately hurting Michael’s bottom line.
To learn more about Michael and Hooda Math, visit

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