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Online Tools Deliver Thai-Inspired Sauces to Customers Nationwide

New York, NY

Sutta Saraphum found her passion for exciting foods while working in restaurants and cooking traditional dishes with her mother in Thailand. When she moved to New York in 2011, she was disappointed with the lack of authentic, flavorful sauces like those back home, so she created her own. Sutta founded SD Sauce in 2015, a Thai-inspired sauce brand that offers spicy flavors ranging from ginger to barbecue.

Sutta and her team of three do it all, from sourcing ingredients from local producers to cooking and bottling the sauces, so she leverages digital tools to save time and money. Sutta sells on Amazon to reach millions of potential customers and expand her reach beyond local retail stores. She also uses digital advertising on Instagram and Amazon to inexpensively expose her products to target audiences and increase her customer base. Instagram allows her to connect with customers and share new products, behind-the-scenes content, and recipe ideas.

Services like Amazon and online advertising are an easy and cost-effective way for Sutta to grow her business, but the Federal Trade Commission’s Amazon lawsuit and the New York legislature’s proposed data privacy bill would make selling and advertising online harder for small businesses. Sutta hopes decision-makers understand and consider the value that online tools provide for small businesses nationwide.

To learn more about Sutta and SD Sauce, visit

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