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Stella Crewse

Morgan Miller Plumbing, CEO

Stella Crewse is the CEO of Morgan Miller Plumbing, a locally owned plumbing service company. Stella is originally from Springfield MO and received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Mo State University in 1987. She moved to Kansas City and spent 12 years working as an accountant in the travel industry before she left the work world to be a stay at home mom. In 2002, Stella went back to work part-time at Morgan Miller Plumbing. Little did she know that she was joining the company mere weeks after the owner, Jeff Morgan, had laid off over half the company!

With an entrepreneurial mind and a self-starting attitude, Stella worked hand in hand with Jeff to regrow the company. It wasn’t long until she was working full time again. Over the years, Stella has done just about everything you can do for the company except be a plumber. She likes to say that she isn’t a plumber, she just plays one on TV. In 2012, with Stella’s direction, Morgan Miller began to rebrand and rebuild who they are. Stella was named CEO two years later and in 2016 Morgan Miller was put solely under her control as Jeff began his exit into retirement. In 2018, Morgan Miller Plumbing was named one of Kansas City’s top 25 companies under 25 employees.

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