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Small Business Organization Responds to California’s Amazon Lawsuit

Washington, DC (Sep 14, 2022): ​​Connected Commerce Council (3C) Executive Director Rob Retzlaff made the following statement in response to California’s lawsuit against Amazon.

“This lawsuit is an extraordinary waste of taxpayer money, an affront to consumers and small Amazon sellers in California, and perplexing in its entirety. First, an essentially similar lawsuit in Washington, D.C. was already dismissed by one superior court judge. Second, if AG Bonta is successful in this lawsuit, it ultimately would result in higher prices for consumers at a time of intense economic uncertainty and inflation pressures. 

“California consumers and small sellers benefit tremendously from products, pricing and customer service offered by the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon and small sellers have earned this trust over many years, and the Attorney General’s specious lawsuit seems to have no goal except to needlessly break this trust. This lawsuit suggests that AG Bonta isn’t fully aware of how small businesses and consumers benefit from marketplaces like Amazon, to the detriment of small businesses across the country who use online sales to grow their businesses.”

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