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Small Business Owners Concerned by Congressional Antitrust Investigation

Washington, D.C. – Digitally empowered small businesses registered their concerns related to the Congressional anticompetitive investigation targeting large technology companies announced last week.  Members of the small business advocacy group, the Connected Commerce Council (3C), urged the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law to consider the importance of companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google to America’s small businesses, citing their investment, the value of their tools, services, and marketplaces to starting and growing a business.

“Digital tools and services developed by Facebook, Amazon, and Google provide small businesses with an opportunity to succeed,” said 3C President Jake Ward. “When considering the role of large tech companies in the market, it is essential Members of Congress think about small businesses’ deep connection to these companies. This market is interconnected and big companies power growing companies to compete and win.”

On behalf of its small business members, 3C will provide the subcommittee and its members with the results of a recent economic analysis of the importance of access to digital tools for American small businesses conducted in partnership with Deloitte, as well as testimony and/or recommendations from 3C’s membership.

“As a Rhode Island entrepreneur and small business owner for nearly 25 years, I’m always concerned with Congressional overreach into the private sector,” said Thomas Smith, CEO & Founder of Self-Service Networks. “My business thrives because I rely on a variety of major companies to provide tools that help me run my business efficiently and effectively. Experience reveals that changes to these big tech companies under the guise of consumer advocacy tend to affect my ability to continue to succeed and typically result in unintended consequences directly affecting small businesses the most.”

“Google is essential to my business. As a publisher of both a print and digital magazine that tells community stories for a family audience, Google helps me reach new readers and build my revenue base,” said Victoria Wise, Founder & Publisher of Madeworthy Magazine and Tanglewood Moms, “Members of Congress should know the value Google unlocks for publishers like me and the journalism we are able to provide because of it.”

“I’m the third generation owner of a brick-and-mortar store that has had to keep customers coming through the door year after year,” said Heather Hanley, owner of Tin Roof, a Spokane based home furnishings company. “Digital advertising has brought customers to my store in ways that I could not live without. I understand Congress needs to look into these companies because they have been wildly successful. Well, Congress should know that my success depends on their success.”

“Running a restaurant is not easy. There are so many moving parts that could go wrong at any given moment,” says Frankie DiCarlantonio of Scaffidi’s Restaurant and Tavern, “Digital tools and platforms enable me to focus on serving the best Italian food in Steubenville, Ohio. I don’t want Congress to mess with that.”

“I own a small business in South Carolina that builds custom farm tables for customers around the world, “ said Myles Hagan owner of Geoff’s Farmhouse Tables. “Without companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon, I would not have been able to find a customer base beyond the borders of my beloved Palmetto state. Small businesses like mine tend to get hurt when Congress goes after the big guys.”

Twenty-four 3C small business members from 19 states met with more than 50 Members of Congress during a visit to Washington D.C. last month to share with policymakers how their businesses rely on digital tools, platforms, and marketplaces to succeed.



Contact: Matt Ziegman

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