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Small Businesses React to FTC Lawsuit Against Amazon

Washington, DC (September 26, 2023): Three small business leaders today expressed frustration over the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) lawsuit against Amazon in an attempt to disrupt the e-commerce marketplace and many of its important features. They directly countered the idea that the FTC’s action would benefit small businesses.

“Amazon is a key component of our business, enabling us, a two-person operation, to compete at a very high level with major brands. I’m worried this lawsuit will make it harder for us to find customers on the marketplace, fulfill orders and sell products under the Prime badge,” said Joel Roodman, managing partner at Logic Products, a natural health and beauty products company in Fairfield, IA.

“Amazon is an integral part of our story and many of our sellers’ stories,” said Evans Richards, owner of reVend in Reidsville, NC, a toy and collectibles company that uses its own warehouse and fulfillment services. “Thanks to good reviews, fair prices, and a commitment to delivering our products on time, we win the Buy Box regularly, often beating out products sold directly by Amazon. If the FTC forces Amazon to change its operations, I am concerned it will have the opposite of its alleged effect and make it harder for small sellers to compete against large ones or products sold directly by Amazon.” 

“Disrupting Amazon’s operations makes no sense for small sellers. Amazon provides tremendous value to several clients, both in customer reach and by offering tools and services that help the smallest sellers compete with much larger brands,” said Will Haire, the owner of BellaVix, a small business e-commerce consultant in Raleigh, NC. “Changing how Amazon works will only lead to less value and benefit for small sellers, taking away opportunities for entrepreneurs to pursue their passion and deliver good products to consumers.”

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