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Sweet Water Decor’s Digital Growth from Hobby to One Million Candle Sales

Pittsburgh, PA

Melissa Horvath grew up with a passion for designing. She longed for a creative outlet outside her corporate job, so in 2014 she started Sweet Water Decor, an online motivational gift and home decor business based in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Melissa used her design skills and marketing to take Sweet Water Decor from operating out of her basement to a thriving business selling over one million candles. She leverages advertising tools like Google and Amazon Ads to attract customers interested in buying her products. Melissa also sells on Amazon and utilizes Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to handle a majority of the packing, labeling, and shipping demands that come with owning a business on Amazon. FBA also makes it easier to sell under the Prime badge, giving Sweet Water Decor access to millions of eager Prime shoppers who like and expect 1-2 day deliveries. 

Digital advertising helped grow Melissa’s business to where it is today, but she is worried that new legislation and recent lawsuits could make Google and Amazon more expensive and difficult to use to reach her customers. Melissa hopes lawmakers understand that small businesses nationwide leverage digital tools and platforms to grow and succeed, and that changing how they work could have serious consequences that can impact small businesses.
To learn more about Melissa or browse Sweet Water Decor’s products, visit

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