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Tech to Skincare: QRxLabs’ Digital Journey

Miami, FL

Alexander Fedorowicz has always had a knack for navigating the digital world. Before taking the entrepreneurial plunge, he honed his skills at tech giants like IBM and Oracle. However, e-commerce was his true passion.

Alexander and his business partner started QRxLabs, an online skincare company that sells  their own brand of serums and exfoliants. They started on Amazon, and almost overnight sales began soaring. Using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) helps cut down on warehousing, shipping, and delivery costs, while making it easier to reach millions of Prime customers who appreciate and expect speedy deliveries.

Alexander credits hard work, past industry experience, and Google, Facebook, and Amazon advertising to his business’ successes. He says these platforms are crucial to helping them find customers nationwide and growing the business. In less than eight years, they’ve gone from selling one product to over 35 today.

But new laws and legal disputes that could make selling on Amazon or doing digital advertising more difficult could threaten the future of Alex’s business. He hopes Congress, federal regulators, and state lawmakers enact policies that make it easier, not harder, for small businesses to thrive. 
To shop at QRxLabs, head to:

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