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Technology Helps People 50+ Tie Up Loose Ends

COVID-19 ushered in a series of endings and beginnings for Mari-Lyn Harris. When the pandemic forced her to shut her small catering company, she found an unexpected next chapter as an administrator to an old friend suffering from pancreatic cancer.

With her community in Fremont, CA, largely in lockdown, Mari-Lyn filled an indispensable role in managing her friend’s end-of-life affairs. During these seven months, Mari-Lyn found a sense of mission rooted in the ideals of kindness and community. As she researched and developed expertise in end-of-life care, Mari-Lyn realized that most people were “living lives full of loose ends.”

This experience led her in January 2022 to launch Heart@Work LLC, a service offering end-of-life logistics and spiritual counseling. As she helps seniors find purpose and continuity, Mari-Lyn assists with advance directives, arranging vigil and eulogy services, and spiritual guidance that eases clients’ minds.

Mari-Lyn has built her business entirely online. She operates her own website and uses Zoom for virtual consultations. Google Workspace tools help manage finances, schedule appointments, and business organization. Free Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts help Mari-Lyn find new clients online. She has also produced a series of YouTube webinars on end-of-life care and hosts a podcast on Spotify. 

“I’m my own tech guy,” says Mari-Lyn. She credits affordable digital tools with helping her create and manage a new and fulfilling career. “People looking for work should always consider starting their own business,” she says. “Fortunately, digital tools made it so much easier for me.”

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