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Twiddy & Company: Digitally-Powered Vacations in the Outer Banks

Clark Twiddy – Twiddy & Company

Outer Banks, NC

Clark Twiddy understands firsthand how innovation can reshape business practices and industry trends. Long before Airbnb became popular, Clark’s family was already running Twiddy & Company, a vacation rental platform in the Outer Banks. 

Twiddy & Co. began with face-to-face and over-the-phone reservations, maintaining detailed handwritten ledgers to capture each guest’s preferences and ensure memorable vacation experiences. Now, 45 years later, data-powered digital advertising tools are helping Twiddy & Co. reach their target audience. Online ads not only help reach potential customers but also help the company compete against vacation rental market giants like Airbnb and VRBO.

Clark values keeping his customers’ data safe and secure, but he is concerned by the recent wave of new data privacy laws. For small businesses like Twiddy & Co. with customers nationwide, navigating individual state data privacy regulations poses both operational and legal challenges. Clark believes that overly strict data collection regulations could harm small businesses that rely on online advertising for reaching and engaging customers. The prospect of keeping track and ensuring data compliance with multiple state data privacy laws is “daunting, if not impossible,” in Clark’s view. 

Advocating for a national data privacy law, Clark hopes policymakers can strike a balance between ensuring consumer protection and recognizing the critical role of data in today’s digital economy.
To check out Twiddy & Company’s properties in the Outer Banks, please visit their website:

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