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Using Digital Tools To Protect Our Environment

SaLisa Berrien, Founder and CEO of COI Energy, a startup that helps businesses eliminate energy waste and save lots of money in doing so. Businesses use their app platform to communicate with utility companies and other businesses about available capacity they have to offer to cut down on energy waste. When businesses act on their suggestion, they accrue energy credits that they can sell. COI’s service is a  great advantage for businesses and utilities and works simultaneously to mitigate climate change. 

Using Google Cloud, Berrien and her team are able to provide a two-way communication platform that informs customers of potential energy and carbon waste and prevents it from occurring. Using digital tools, namely Google Cloud and Google Maps  is essential to executing these capabilities in real-time, and for providing visibility to businesses engaged on COI’s platform.  

COI Energy’s rise was powered by digital tools, including a free Google Business Profile, allowing anyone searching for COI to see their location, contact information, and reviews. Additionally, they also deployed inexpensive Google Ads, targeting companies that are using an ample amount of energy and could be interested in their services. And given Google Analytics is fully integrated with Google Ads, COI has the ability to see real-time insights regarding ad performance. 

While business is strong, Berrien is concerned that some in Congress want to pass the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which would make using many of Google’s integrated services harder or more expensive.

“I don’t understand why some in Congress think it’s okay to pass legislation that will negatively impact the ecosystem overall. The standard line I always hear is that ‘big is bad’, however  large tech companies have been extremely supportive for my small business on several fronts, and we cannot afford to lose access to their services.”

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