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Years of Experience See the Value in Digital Tools

Sheffie Robinson has been “hooked on coding” since middle school, and her interest in digital technology has only grown over the subsequent 20 years. Over the years, she’s helped small businesses leverage digital technology so they can grow and succeed.

Sheffie teaches the small businesses she works with that digital tools are “the critical ingredients” for growth. Sheffie has helped companies implement Google and Facebook advertising campaigns to identify target customers. Business Profiles make it easy for small businesses to be found via Google Search. MailChimp helps with marketing campaigns and Asana is a great project management tool.

Sheffie credits these tools, and others, with helping her small business, and others, “turn their business dreams into reality.”

Yet Sheffie worries that Congress doesn’t understand how small businesses benefit from using digital tools. Breaking up companies like Google and Facebook means less effective ad campaigns for small businesses, and removing Business Profiles from the top of online search results drives internet traffic to nationwide chains instead of local opportunities. 

“Small businesses can’t afford to see the tools that help pay the bills and put food on the table become more expensive. Congress needs to wake up and pay attention to the needs of small businesses instead of punishing large tech companies because they have a political ax to grind,” said Sheffie.

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