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Small Business Profile

A Better Treat

Los Angeles, California Boris Chung founded A Better Treat in 2020 out of concern for the unhealthy ingredients in the food they were feeding their dog, Emi Bear. Chung sought a healthier, more nutritional alternative to the “meat byproducts” and synthetic ingredients often found in typical dog food and treats.  Fast forward to today: A…

Digital Tools Empower InstaTrim to Help Contractors Nationwide

Scandia, MN Greg Amundson of Scandia, MN, knows construction. He built homes on the North Shore of Lake Superior for almost 30 years and in 2010 used his expertise to create InstaTrim, a less-messy caulk alternative for contractors and homeowners. Greg started InstaTrim as a two-person operation and leveraged technology to grow it into a…

Twiddy & Company: Digitally-Powered Vacations in the Outer Banks

Clark Twiddy – Twiddy & Company Outer Banks, NC Clark Twiddy understands firsthand how innovation can reshape business practices and industry trends. Long before Airbnb became popular, Clark’s family was already running Twiddy & Company, a vacation rental platform in the Outer Banks.  Twiddy & Co. began with face-to-face and over-the-phone reservations, maintaining detailed handwritten…

Naturally Nature’s Digital Journey Towards Helping the Environment

Hershey, PA Deanna Slamans of Hershey, PA, has always had a love for the environment. When she realized how many harmful plastics were in her children’s diapers and how much waste they generated, she set out on a mission to create a more natural and sustainable option. In 2014 Deanna and her husband created their…

Digitally-Powered Career Coaching Success

Valerie Martinelli – Valerie Martinelli Consulting (VMC)Waterbury, CT Outside of her 9-to-5 job, Valerie Martinelli had a passion and knack for helping her friends with their careers — guiding them through resume edits, negotiating salaries, and making pivotal career decisions. In 2016, Valerie transformed this innate talent for career guidance into a full-fledged consulting business.…

Tech to Skincare: QRxLabs’ Digital Journey

Miami, FL Alexander Fedorowicz has always had a knack for navigating the digital world. Before taking the entrepreneurial plunge, he honed his skills at tech giants like IBM and Oracle. However, e-commerce was his true passion. Alexander and his business partner started QRxLabs, an online skincare company that sells  their own brand of serums and…

Janus Motorcycles co-founder meets with Sen. Young

Ahead of National Small Business Week, co-founder of Goshen-based Janus Motorcycles, Richard Worsham, met with Indiana Senator Todd Young in Washington to share how digital tools help grow his business and voice concerns with policy proposals that could hurt his business

Saddle Brook Small Business Owner Recognized as 3C Congressional Champion

Washington, DC (May 1, 2023): Ahead of National Small Business Week, Josie Tineo, co-owner of Josie Michelle Events in Saddle Brook, NJ, met with Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) office in Washington, D.C. to share how digital tools help grow her business and voice concerns with policy proposals that could hurt her business by making digital…

Groce, Greer small business owners, promote digital tools

Charlotte Groce, owner/founder of Palmetto Outdoor Spaces in Greer, met with Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) office in Washington, D.C., to share how digital tools help grow her business and voice concerns

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