Public Policy and Regulatory Issues

As small businesses increasingly rely on data-driven digital tools, government regulation of technology is often regulation of small business. 3C ensures that policymakers understand the essential intersection of technology and small business, and advocates for policies that respect the interests of digitally-powered small businesses.

Data Collection

Companies that collect your data must treat it with care and respect, but it is difficult to translate this concept into laws that we know will impact millions of small business owners that rely on data to market and manage their companies. Policymakers considering proposals to restrict data collection must appreciate that anonymous data and large data sets are essential inputs for digital tools that power small business, and must include small business input during legislative and regulatory deliberations.

Data Use

Personal data must be used responsibly, but government regulation of technology company algorithms or analytical tools will limit innovation opportunities and could make their products less useful, more expensive, or entirely unavailable for smaller businesses.


Privacy is a concern for consumers, including small business owners and their families. But overzealous laws that aim to address privacy can overburden small businesses and get in the way of what they do best: commerce and community. Our country’s biggest privacy risks are the companies that manage vast quantities of financial and health data. Small business should not be overwhelmed by information liability and data security regulations that create more burden than benefit.

Data and Advertising Restrictions

In today’s highly competitive business environment, inexpensive digital advertising can be the difference between a small business that thrives and one that falters. Government restrictions on data use could make advertising less nimble, less effective and more expensive. This threatens the ability of small business owners to attract new customers and build their company.

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