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3C Insider: Congress Is Giving Us an Opportunity—Let’s Use It

“America’s small businesses can’t catch a break.” That’s how The New York Times recently put it. After two years of managing lockdowns, restrictions, and the hangover effects of COVID-19, small businesses still face serious challenges—from rising inflation to higher borrowing costs to seemingly never-ending supply chain and labor force issues. Thankfully, digital tools are helping…

Anti-Tech Legislation Could Be Devastating to Rural Businesses

The internet has undoubtedly changed how small businesses reach customers and sell goods. No longer limited to the…

Proposed Antitrust Legislation Threatens To Harm U.S. Tech Startups And The Innovation Economy

The recently-released GDP estimates revealed that the economy contracted for the second quarter in a row, and some economists fear that we may already be in a recession.

How ‘Innovation And Choice’ Act Threatens Minority Biz

Legislation that politicians claim will protect small businesses from the alleged monopoly power of large tech companies will end up depriving entrepreneurs of vital revenue streams and suppressing innovation.

Various reactions have caused S.2992

For many Americans, online companies that support their sales of products and services in the so-called technological innovation such as…

Congress to Vote on American Innovation and Online Choice Act Impacting Small Businesses

July is independent retailers month, and a group is pushing for Congress to act quickly on a bill that would have a major impact on small businesses…

Business advocate discusses American Innovation and Choice Online Act

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act seeks to change the cost of accessing digital tools and marketplaces. Sonseeahray Tonsall spoke with Executive Director for the Connected…

NEW REPORT: Online Sales Have Outsized Impact on Rural Small Sellers

As found in our previous survey of two thousand American SMBs, small businesses are adaptable and find customers everywhere – brick-and-mortar stores, seller-branded online shops and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. We recently took this research a step further with a comparative study on small rural sellers. In this study, we compared how rural sellers…

New Study: Online Sales Fuel Rural Small Business Growth and Optimism

Washington, DC (July 14, 2022): A new study shows that small rural sellers may be the greatest beneficiaries of the many innovations in online selling. A survey of 1,000 rural sellers, commissioned by the Connected Commerce Council, shows that the most popular sales methods for rural small sellers are online marketplaces (57%) and web stores…

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