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Online Marketplaces are the Future… if Congress Doesn’t Break the Business Model for Small Sellers

Millions of small businesses use accessible and affordable tools and services provided by digital platforms to launch, operate, grow, compete, and hire more employees. Technology provides small businesses with more easy-to-use options than ever before to help them reach markets beyond their local communities. And while brick-and-mortar stores and wholesale remain the most popular sales…

Congress must stop anti-tech legislation that will hurt small businesses

After years of digital advertising success, I’m perplexed that some in Congress are trying to pass the American Innovation and Choice Online Act…

Why Aren’t Policymakers Listening to Small Businesses on Anti-Tech Legislation?

Over the past two years, there has been a forceful effort by a coalition of unusual parties that have been working to completely rewrite America’s antitrust laws and upend the digital economy, hurting small businesses in the process. Progressive members of Congress seem hellbent on punishing success, conservatives claiming private entities that remove hateful or…

Letter to the Editor: American Innovation and Choice Online Act

I own a small business that sells chamoy (traditional Mexican candy that is sweet and a little spicy) online. This isn’t my first business, but it is by far my most…

Why Mark Zuckerberg is talking so much about Meta’s Whatsapp for business

WhatsApp is already widely popular with U.S. consumers. Now Meta Platforms is turning more attention to building its small business base.

Anti-Tech Legislation Could Be Devastating to Rural Businesses

The internet has undoubtedly changed how small businesses reach customers and sell goods. No longer limited to the…

Proposed Antitrust Legislation Threatens To Harm U.S. Tech Startups And The Innovation Economy

The recently-released GDP estimates revealed that the economy contracted for the second quarter in a row, and some economists fear that we may already be in a recession.

How ‘Innovation And Choice’ Act Threatens Minority Biz

Legislation that politicians claim will protect small businesses from the alleged monopoly power of large tech companies will end up depriving entrepreneurs of vital revenue streams and suppressing innovation.

Various reactions have caused S.2992

For many Americans, online companies that support their sales of products and services in the so-called technological innovation such as…

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