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AI: The New Frontier for Small Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be all over the news these days. Since the arrival of ChatGPT, more and more companies are touting the use of AI. With this increase in attention to AI, there have also been some concerns from policymakers, advocates, and others around job displacement, disinformation, and data security. While skepticism of…

Logic Products expands its line of all-natural products into new markets

Her local elementary school in New York City was experiencing a lice outbreak, but the shampoos the school was using to treat the lice contained harmful chemicals,

3C Webinar Top 10 Q&As

As part of the #SummerofSmallBizAdvocacy, hundreds of small business leaders attended our webinar on “Unleashing the Power of Advocacy for Your Small Business.” The webinar featured an esteemed panel of small business owners from the 3C Community who passionately shared their perspectives about the importance of advocacy and encouraged others to get involved.  Click here…

Another Voice: Rush to regulate digital ads will undermine small businesses

Lawmakers in Washington and agency heads like the FTC’s Lina Khan speak of targeted advertising supported by data sharing as if it were a scourge that should be regulated out of existence.

New Study: More Than 2.5 Million California Small Businesses Sell Online

Washington, DC (July 17, 2023): Today, the Connected Commerce Council (3C) released a new study showing that more than 2.5 million California small businesses (roughly 60% of the state’s small businesses) sell products online. The survey of 1,500 California-based small businesses conducted by the Data Catalyst Institute (DCI) highlights the importance of e-commerce to the…

3C University Launches Online Course to Empower Small Businesses in Scaling Their Workforces

Washington, DC (July 12, 2023): The Connected Commerce Council (3C) today released the latest 3C University (3CU) course, “Scale Your Workforce.” This free online course is the third of four training programs from 3CU in 2023, and the sixth overall to help small businesses optimize digital tools to enhance their operations and drive more revenue.…

Amazon Sellers Question Misguided FTC Assertions

It’s not really news (though it was apparently leaked) that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), after several years of investigation, may be close to filing a lawsuit alleging that Amazon’s business practices violate antitrust law.  What is news is the abject shakiness of the FTC’s reportedly strongest claim – that Amazon manipulates consumer search results…

Getting Data Privacy Right is Critical for Small Business Success

Small businesses continue to show incredible resilience despite years of unexpected economic turbulence. The economy remains fragile, but policymakers in Washington, D.C., and some states are tackling an issue that could have profound financial implications for small businesses: data privacy. The need for a national data privacy law One central tenet we can all agree…

Statement from the Connected Commerce Council Criticizing Klobuchar/Grassley Anti-Tech Bill as Harmful to Digitally Empowered Small Businesses 

Washington, DC (June 16, 2023): Connected Commerce Council (3C) Executive Director Rob Retzlaff issued the below statement regarding the reintroduction of Sens. Amy Klobuchar’s (D-MN) and Chuck Grassley’s (R-IA) American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICOA). “After failing to convince 60 of their colleagues last year to support AICOA, and losing cosponsors this year, a…

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